Statistics from the staff shuttle bus survey

Here are some results from the staff shuttle bus survey which took place between December 2017 and January 2018. Thank you to all staff that provided their feedback and comments.
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Here are some of the responses from the staff:

Shuttle bus survey - Which campus are you mostly based at?

Slightly more users are based at Headingley. Many use the service to go to meetings, lectures, or to go home towards the City centre.

Shuttle bus survey - How often have you been using the shuttle bus between campuses?

Staff are still getting used to the service and at the moment staff are using the service occasionally.

Shuttle bus survey - What benefits have you experience using the staff shuttle bus?

Staff have also found that they save time and money not having to complete expenses claims. 

Shuttle bus survey - How would you have travelled before the shuttle bus?

Many staff would have used the bus previously but now have a more convenient and regular service between sites.

More than a quarter of staff would have used their car and now don't have to worry about finding a parking space when they travel between sites and can catch up on emails, etc whilst they are travelling.

Shuttle bus survey - Have you changed how you make other journeys?

An added benefit of the shuttle bus has been staff using the service as part of their commute or to allow them to use other modes of transport other than the car to get to work.

Shuttle bus survey - Do you have a reason for not using the shuttle bus?

Most people who do not use use the shuttle bus, do not for reasons other than those cited above. These include staff already having a bus/rail pass or staff having no need to travel between sites as yet.