Environmental Auditor Training Day (by Mia Campbell, Computer Animation and Visual Effects student)

I am a student currently on placement year situated between both campuses. I heard Green Impact being mentioned by my colleagues and I took an interest to find out what this ‘green’ scheme was. I came across the advertisement to become a volunteer student auditor, which sounded really beneficial to both the scheme and my own personal interests, so I applied.
Post it notes
Not long after receiving confirmation to become one of the auditors to take part in this important task, the day arrived to become an environmental auditor!
On the day we were trained up by a nice lady from NUS that provided us with approved IEMA training. Brian from the Sustainability Team was also there to assist in the process which was very helpful. It was all very insightful as it helped us with our observations skills and also value what actions people have done in that environment amongst its effects. This prepared us to perform as friendly professionals to document the data we collect correctly and efficiently upon the visit.
Some teams had another auditor to assist in the process I however did this on my own for the Secretary and Registrar team at the Headingley campus and I met with the lady who was in charge of documenting and motivating the team into this transition. We went through each component that was documented and physically went around the facility looking at what had been put in place. While going through the data we spoke about the criteria and if what they had done meet each section, I documented many images to assist with this and also pointed out what other documents that they have to assist in supporting the criteria more. The people in this facility were very friendly and very passionate about the changes and effort they had put in. Also while speaking to the colleagues about the scheme I could see how proud and better they felt individually by doing even slight changes for the good. The extra data I collected and evaluation I recorded on site was then compiled and sent off for the final assessment. A follow up has now concluded that Secretary and Registrar passed the criteria and achieve the goal they strived for.
It has been wonderful to have had a chance to be involved with this scheme that has such a positive impact on the environment but also on the people involved who are delivering these great results.