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Working Paper Series themes

Carey Philpott Partner Research Projects
The working paper series of the Carey Philpott Research Partners reflects the projects annually funded by the Carnegie School of Education, through which we support the development of educational practices which are informed by relevant, rich and context-sensitive research. Each project is designed to support educational decision-making and create positive impacts for children and young people, professionals and communities.

Carnegie Teacher Researcher
The Carnegie Teacher Researchers are invited to produce a working paper series based on their work as emerging teacher researchers. The principle audience is other teachers and school leaders interested in how practice-based small-scale research can make a difference in supporting a range of professional practices and learning. These papers allow teachers to add their voices to the evidence base.

CollectivED: the mentoring and coaching hub
The working paper series for CollectivED has been established at the Carnegie School of Education to bring together practitioners and researchers engaging with the complexities of mentoring and coaching. We aim to connect ideas, people and practices; drawing on, and contributing to, research, scholarship and enquiry from a range of educational settings. We are interested in how coaching and mentoring can be used to support all learners, whether they are professionals, children and young people, leaders, governors or other partners.

LGBTQ+ in Education
The working paper series for LGBTQ+ in Education explores issues and best practice related to the inclusion of those who identify as lesbian, gay, trans, queer or those who are questioning their identity. The series aims to illuminate the impact of homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying on individuals and share approaches for fostering a culture of LGBTQ+ inclusion in education. For more information see our Centre for LGBTQ+ Inclusion in Education.

Mental Health in Schools
This working paper Series explores whole school approaches for developing positive wellbeing in schools for all members of the school community. Themes cover specific aspects of mental health and papers provide practitioners with an opportunity to share and showcase effective practice in schools.

Race and Education
The working paper series for Race and Education aims to publish papers from practitioners, post-graduates and academics in the field of education - schools, further education and higher education - on race and racism. For example, anti-racist pedagogy, decolonizing the curriculum, classroom dynamics, institutional anti-racist transformation, student achievement, community involvement, building educational pipelines and women/men of colour in institutional leadership.

The Higher Education Research Group (HERG)
HERG aspires to provide a multidisciplinary forum for the critical exploration and discussion of issues associated with student engagement, the theory and practice of teaching and learning and assessment.  Its purpose is to understand, inform and improve the systems and processes which impact on higher education policy, the quality of student experience and the professional development of academic colleagues.

Special Educational Needs and/ or Disability in Schools
The working paper series for Special Educational Needs and/or disabilities in Schools explores the barriers to learning, participation and achievement for learners with specific needs. It aims to illuminate best practice by sharing strategies to facilitate inclusion. In addition, the series also provides critical commentary and updates on SEND policy.

Story Makers' Dialogues
Story Makers Dialogues are intended to connect artistic practice, policy, education and research. They are written with a diverse audience in mind: artists, teachers, academics, students, children, members of grassroots and community organisations, advocates, influencers and policy makers at all levels.

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