Professional development

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We provide a suite of courses to support innovation in education. Challenging inequalities and developing advocates and leaders is at the heart of the what we do.

Our courses and workshops are aimed a range of educational professionals, as well as offering whole school solutions. Find our courses below or explore our research and practice centres to see more about how we can support you and your organisation.

Whole school approaches

We offer a range of courses and awards to help you develop organisational approaches to improving experiences and outcomes in your education setting.

Senior and middle Leaders

These courses, aimed at senior and middle leaders in education, will help you broaden and deepen your expertise in a variety of areas. Our high-quality, evidence-based training is designed by expert practitioners who are actively engaged in our research and practice centres

Governors and trustees

School governors and trustees make a significant and valuable contribution to the experiences of children and young people. These courses are designed to help you to establish provision in schools to provide equal opportunities and support students' wellbeing.

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 improving a culture of support and resilience
National hub for supervision in education


shared learning and professional development

CreatED works with individuals, schools and other organisations to develop communities of educational practitioners.

Through shared learning and professional development opportunities, we are dedicated to improving the knowledge, skills and qualities within our community, and to supporting pioneering educational leaders.

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