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Community Specialist Practitioner - District Nursing

Community Specialist Practitioner - District Nursing

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    City Campus
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    52 Weeks
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    12 Sep 2022

If you are a qualified adult nurse, this course will enable you to specialise as a district nurse and register as a specialist practitioner in district nursing and community practitioner nurse prescribing with the Nursing Midwifery Council (NMC).

Your studies will prepare you to use your discretion and judgement to make high-level clinical decisions in the management and provision of quality care.

You will learn how to apply your theoretical grounding and practical experience in line with the NMC's core standards for safe and effective specialist practice, including clinical practice, care and programme management, clinical practice leadership and clinical practice development. Your clinical placements will develop your practice as an effective district nurse, and they will also enable you to build a network of contacts that will enhance your career options.

Visit the Men into Nursing Together Twitter page @MINTnursing for information on this initiative.

We have a long history of providing postgraduate courses in health and social care. The knowledge, skills and attitude that you will gain will offer you the opportunity to consider district nursing practice in significant depth, whilst also increasing your personal development and academic proficiency. You'll learn skills that you will go on to use in your working environment, such as critique, analysis, reasoning, communication, team working, time management and prioritisation.

Why study District Nursing at Leeds Beckett University...

  1. Professionally accredited course
  2. 92% of PG Dip Community Specialist Practitioner- District Nursing students in work or further study 15 months after graduating*
  3. Specialist facilities
  4. Practice based learning
  5. Expert supervision

* Graduate Outcomes Survey 2020

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