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Governance Lead for Mental Health and Wellbeing Module

An online Professional Development Module to support any member of a School governing board to gain the Carnegie Mental Health and Wellbeing Governor.

Governance Lead for Mental Health and Wellbeing Module

Course Overview

  • Attendance

    Part Time
  • Duration

    Self-directed learning - Up to 1 year from registration (90 minutes online attendance)
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  • Cost

    £50 per delegate

Creating and assigning link governor roles to individual members of a governing board is an effective way to ensure governance remains strategic and focussed on key issues. The development of a Mental Health and Wellbeing role demonstrates the governing / trust boards commitment to supporting Mental Health for both staff and pupils and the wider community. The creation of the role also emphasises the importance of establishing robust Mental Health provision in schools, providing equal opportunities and how governors or the governing board can be a ‘system thinker’ and influence change.

This module supports the lead governor to deepen their knowledge and understanding along with using an audit tool to look at where the governing board is currently at. 

Governors will also attend a facilitated workshop, receive templates to support action planning and have access to a private online forum to share good practice with other Mental Health and Wellbeing Leads.

Format: Online, Self Directed Learning with Audit and Multiple Choice Questionnaire.

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