ILM 5 Award in Leadership & Management

Effective Middle Manager

As a manager of people and teams, this programme helps you to make the transition from managing operational outputs to developing more strategic leadership skills and drive better results. The current challenges of a changing business environment are forcing managers to think differently about the way they lead people, organise the workplace and build effective organisations of the future. This course helps you to be ready for the future.

Effective Middle Manager

Course Overview

  • Attendance

    Part Time
  • Dates

    February 2023 and May 2023 start
  • Venue

    Online Learning

After an introductory session and induction, you will participate in a workshop that examines the role of leadership in achieving organisational goals. You then complete an online diagnostic to learn about your emotional intelligence (EQ-I 2.0) and gain one to one feedback from a qualified trainer. In the workshops, you discover how being an emotionally intelligent leader and enhanced knowledge of leadership theories can help you to be more effective and adaptable for changing scenarios.

You will review your own ability to set direction, communicate, motivate, delegate and empower your workforce. Each stage challenges you to create actions and implement changes to your leadership style that will improve your ability to develop and lead teams towards the organisation’s vision for the future.

Prior to each workshop, you will be asked to complete some pre-work which may involve reading or a questionnaire to complete, thus ensuring that you maximise the interactive nature of the workshop. Tailored support is offered for the assessment via a tutorial.


The course includes a mixture of 5 ‘live’ online workshops and self-paced learning activities. The ‘live’ sessions are facilitated workshops and involve participants working together on collaborative activities. These sessions typically last 2.5 hours. Participants are expected to complete the self-paced learning activities between ‘live’ sessions. Typically, it takes around 2 hours to complete each activity.

Further information

The course will be delivered on Microsoft Teams. 

Your assessment is comprised of two written assessments of approximately 2500 words each.

If you wish to extend the breadth of units at level 5, it is possible to progress to a Certificate, once the Award is successfully complete.

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  1. Course dates (Spring 2023)

    Session dates:

    • Session 1: 2 February (MS Teams, PM)
    • Session 2: 9 February (MS Teams, PM)
    • Session 3: EQi2.0 feedback 1:1s – tba on programme
    • Session 4: 23 February (MS Teams, PM)
    • Session 5 (group tutorial): 2 March (MS Teams, 90mins)
    • Session 6: 23 March (MS Teams, PM)
    • Session 7: 30 March (MS Teams, PM)
    • Session 8 (group tutorial): 6 April (MS Teams, 90mins)
  2. Course dates (Summer 2023)

    Session dates:

    • Session 1: 17 May (MS Teams, PM)
    • Session 2: 24 May (MS Teams, PM)
    • Session 3: EQi2.0 feedback 1:1s – tba on programme
    • Session 4: 31 May (MS Teams, PM)
    • Session 5 (group tutorial): 1 June (MS Teams, 90mins)
    • Session 6: 7 June (MS Teams, PM)
    • Session 7: 14 June (MS Teams, PM)
    • Session 8 (group tutorial): 15 June (MS Teams, 90mins)