Nursing & Allied Health

Transfer of Pathways

The transfer of pathway module enables SCPHN Health Visitors and School Nurses already registered on part three of the NMC register to gain the necessary theoretical underpinning and practice placement to work with children and families across the 0-19 population in their complementary alternative field. The module does not lead to further annotation on the NMC register although does align with the changing and evolving public health policies and structure of children and family 0-19 services nationally, meaning Health Visiting and School Nursing are working in an integrated fashion and 0-19 SCPHNs working with a ‘whole family approach’ are evolving.

Transfer of Pathways

Course Overview

  • Attendance

    Part Time
  • Duration

    6 months
  • Dates

    January 2023
  • Venue

    Blended learning
  • Cost

    Level 7 - £1000

Transferring specialist knowledge within their own discipline, this CPD module will give Health Visitors and School Nurses the unique understanding and appropriate skills within their complementary field to work and lead the Healthy Child Programme with communities across the birth to 19 age range.

  • Health Visitors will undertake the “Getting it Right for Children, Young people and Families 5-19” module.
  • School Nurses will undertake the “Getting it Right for Children and Families, birth to 5” module.

With employer support, Health Visitors and School Nurses will undertake either of the above specialist modules that enables you to explore, synthesise and increase understanding in relation to government directives and how the national model and vision for 0-19 family services will impact on practice in relation to population health needs within the current political climate.

Theoretically taught lectures focus on five principal areas of practice:

1. Managing and leading the Healthy Child Programme

2. Developing the skills to assess children and young people’s health at key transition points.

3. Leadership and delegation, embedding vision and direction to lead and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of skill mix teams.

4. Early help, support and referral, increasing knowledge and understanding, to expand proactive prevention rather than reactive maintenance.

5. Developing and delivering public health programmes, enhancing proficiency to improve health and quality of life through prevention, surveillance and healthy behaviours.

Theoretical underpinning therefore enables Health Visitors and School Nurses to, as part of the module, also undertake 50 placement days within their alternative field. With employer support and working with an assigned Practice Assessor, Health Visitors and School Nurses will critically apply and consolidate theoretically taught content to their complementary role in practice.

The theoretical and practical components of which this specialist module has to offer ultimately supports continuing professional development and career progression for Health Visitors and School Nurses. In addition, 0-19 practitioners that can effectively and efficiently meet the health needs of children and families across the 0-19 caseload can grow and evolve whilst leading pathways that complement the 0-19 agenda and ultimately improve health outcomes through prevention and early intervention.

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