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Inclusive Practice in Education

Inclusive Practice in Education

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    Distance Learning
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    1 Year
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    19 Sep 2022

All learners, including those with special educational needs (SEN), have the same rights and are of equal worth. This course will develop your expertise so that you are able to shape your teaching and learning practices to meet the needs of all your pupils.

You will explore pedagogical approaches used in both mainstream schools and in SEN settings, and you will begin to develop inclusive teaching strategies to address the needs of students from a range of backgrounds and with a variety of abilities and learning styles. As you start to recognise the different needs of each child and champion and value the diversity of the whole classroom, you will begin to see a difference in the progress of all your pupils and not only those with SEN.

Working with fellow practitioners studying the course, you will have the opportunity to share best practice in terms of inclusion, which you will then be able to apply to your own educational setting. Through the application of inclusive practices, you could help to foster a culture of acceptance, respect and belonging among your colleagues and within your institution.

You will be taught by academic staff who have conducted extensive research in the field of inclusive pedagogy. The course team includes Dr Mhairi Beaton, whose research interests centre on a combination of inclusion, student voice and teacher education; Professor Jonathan Glazzard, a National Teaching Fellow; and Marc Turu-Porcel, a teacher and educational psychologist.

Research seminars conducted online will provide opportunities to learn collaboratively with peers drawn from different educational contexts around the world. Guest lectures and networking events will further refine your knowledge, allowing you to learn from researchers and people working in the field – online guest speaker sessions will include representatives from The National Autistic Society and Scottish Autism, dyslexia organisations, parents and experienced practitioners. These professional insights will be supplemented by first-hand accounts of the educational experiences of young learners and their parents or guardians.

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MA Inclusive Practice in Education MA Inclusive Practice in Education Course Leader, Dr Mhairi Beaton, explains why this course is unique and how we support our students.

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