Postgraduate PG Dip

Sport and Exercise Psychology

Develop intervention strategies by analysing how psychological theories contribute to sports studies and how they apply to health education.

Sport and Exercise Psychology

Course Overview

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    Headingley Campus Beckett Park
  • Attendance

  • Duration

    1 Year
  • Start date

    09 Sep 2024

Taught at the Carnegie School of Sport – this course will help you develop professional and ethical competencies in the research and application of psychology within sport and exercise settings.

As part of your course you’ll:

  • Evaluate psychological theories
  • Examine issues such as self-determination, psychological resilience and the effects of exercise on mood
  • Analyse biological, cultural and environmental factors that can influence sport performance and physical activity
  • Develop professional competencies linked to the pursuit of a career as a Chartered Sport and Exercise Psychologist

During the course, you'll benefit from the expertise and knowledge of our staff, studying at a university that is passionate about sport.

A member of our experienced course team will be on hand to support you throughout your learning journey, offering personalised advice to aid your professional development and help you realise your career aspirations.

Why study Sport and Exercise Psychology at Leeds Beckett University...

  1. Work alongside academics who help to nurture the next generation of athletes at the university's groundbreaking sports psychology centre
  2. Develop an in-depth understanding of psychology, adopting a critical approach to its application within sport and exercise settings
  3. You'll be among the first students to take advantage of the university’s new state-of-the-art Carnegie School of Sport building
  4. Take advantage of our sport volunteering opportunities, which have previously included global events such as the Olympics, World Athletics Championships and Commonwealth Games

Helping people overcome negative feelings about exercise to improve their mental health Past memories of sport and exercise, when negative, can cause huge problems for many people who suffer with poor physical and mental health. Dr Jackie Hargreaves, senior Lecturer in sport and exercise psychology at Leeds Beckett University, is determined to help people get over this barrier.