Architecture Open Lecture Series

Aidan Bintcliffe - Clueless and broke, what next?

  • 17.45 - 18.30
  • 28 Nov 2018
Aidan Bintcliffe - Clueless and broke, what next?

Aidan Bintcliffe

A brief and bumpy road map to starting a sustainable design lead business.

Our ambition is heavily influenced through our roots in architecture; creating high-end designer furniture that is a direct response to the material found, leading to the creation of truly unique pieces at an affordable cost. Nuumi has since expanded and taken this core value of sustainable building on the small-scale to a much larger scale, now developing properties that are beautifully finished yet built with an environmentally conscious approach, and most importantly maintaining an affordable finish product that doesn’t sacrifice design.


  • Director of Studio Nuumi
  • Alumni of Leeds School of Architecture

Studio Nuumi was established in 2016 by Architecture graduate Aidan. His background in design and passion for hands on building and renovation inspired him to further establish his ideas through studying at Leeds School of Architecture, which lead to Studio Nuumi being born. With a desire to be a design/build studio with a keen interest in woodworking, Nuumi specialises in handcrafted furniture and transforming spaces entirely out of reclaimed materials. The aim was to build furniture with a story; every material used is salvaged and often decades old from various sources around Yorkshire. This sustainable approach to design gives a new life to materials destined to be wasted on the scrapheap and also creates some really interesting pieces with a rich history, whilst consistently being environmentally friendly.