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Sam Thomas-Berry: Evolving and engaging during a global pandemic

  • 16.00 - 17.00
  • 24 Mar 2021
  • Online
Sam Thomas-Berry: Evolving and engaging during a global pandemic
Sam Thomas-Berry, Vice President of Human Resources at Kellogg Company will speak as part of the Leeds Business School guest lecture series.

When COVID-19 hit in early 2020, no one was prepared for what was to come, and the impact it would have on us all. As a food manufacturer, Kellogg’s had a critical role to play in continuing to feed the nation during a time of crisis.

Prioritising people safety, meeting shoppers needs, supporting its employees, and helping communities, were fundamental to how Kellogg’s have provided leadership during the pandemic. 

Despite having to adapt to the unknown, Kellogg’s has introduced new forms of flexibility and connected with its employees in different ways- all whilst navigating the complexities of operating within a global organisation.

Kellogg’s employees, its customers, and its community partners are telling them it’s their leadership that’s helped them successfully navigate the pandemic to date.

Sam Thomas-Berry

Samantha Thomas-Berry is passionate about creating the change you want to see, and this is reflected in her 20 year plus career as an HR professional as well as the values that continue to inspire her every day.

In March 2017 Sam was appointed Vice-President HR, Kellogg’s Europe - a business stretching from Dublin to Vladivostok, Athens to Reykjavik.

As the chief people officer for Kellogg’s Europe, Sam has tirelessly worked to support business growth by resetting the company’s culture. She has helped pivot it to a make it happen mindset while championing a personal passion of hers – inclusion and diversity.

Under her leadership Kellogg’s Europe has taken significant steps to create a work environment where everyone belongs including signing the Lead 50/50 gender parity pledge and becoming a workplace partner of LGBT charity, Stonewall.

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