development and opportunities

A degree from Leeds School of Law is just the beginning. With a broad, modern curriculum, and many different mentoring and placement opportunities, you'll emerge with everything you need to build an exciting career.

advancing the skills of our students

Where will you go next?

What you do next is up to you. But we'll do everything we can to get you there. We've built a range of career development and networking training and opportunities into our degrees. So you'll get the chance to practise vital skills such as interviewing, CV writing, public speaking and more. And we host events and networking sessions throughout the academic year, so you'll meet inspiring role models, potential mentors and maybe future employers.

placement stories

You've built up your knowledge. Now build your experience. We facilitate a range of placements and opportunities for our students, so you can immerse yourself in the legal community, and discover the right route for them. Read more about their stories below.

Supporting you all the way

Whether you're aiming for a particular career or exploring your options, Leeds School of Law will help you develop the skills and contacts you need to succeed. Our curriculum is crafted to give you the knowledge and expertise that will turn heads in industry, and our focus on employability means that you'll have plenty of opportunities to meet professionals, sign up for placements and make an impact.
  1. Mentoring scheme

    Our Mentoring Scheme gives you valuable insight into the legal profession, as well as a chance to learn from established professionals.

    You'll be able to pair up with law professionals from a wide range of specialisms, from small high-street practices to in-house legal departments and large global commercial firms.

    It's a chance to receive one-to-one guidance, develop your skills, secure placements, and enhance your career opportunities. Many of our mentors work for law firms and chambers that support our student achievement prizes, giving our students the chance to get first-hand experience of life in the legal sector.

  2. Connections with law firms

    We believe it is vital that our law school maintains strong relationships with local law firms and organisations.

    These links will be critical to your learning and development. You'll receive insights and guidance from visiting legal professionals, access placements and support, and attend events and initiatives.

    It's also an excellent way for legal and other organisations to meet the next wave of professionals, so they can recruit talented graduates that will energise their team.


Connect with our school

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