Law clinic

Giving back to the community while training professionals

At our Law Clinic, we give back to the community while training the professionals of the future.

Based at 10 Queen Square, our Law Clinic is a place for members of the public to receive free legal advice in areas such as family, employment, debt matters, personal injury claims and civil disputes.

At the same time, students can develop their skills in a real legal environment by providing advice, under the supervision of a practising solicitor.

As well as the option to attend our Law Clinic in person, we also offer online appointments.

We're open to anyone in need of legal advice. Please contact us to make an appointment.

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Appointments available

Please note we only offer appointments during term time. We are responding to client enquiries now (by email and phone) and are able to offer clients appointments from the week of 6th February 2023 until week of 1st May 2023.


10am-1pm - Family Law appointments

3pm-6pm - Civil Litigation appointments (in particular small claims court matters)


10am-1pm - Employment Law appointments

3pm-6pm Family Law and Civil Litigation appointments 

Law Clinic

How to book

To make an appointment please call or email us: 

One of the main jobs of a solicitor is to meet clients, take their instructions and then produce letters of advice; therefore participating in the Law Clinic module was a no-brainer for me to gain relevant experience.

Where to find us:

Law Clinic - 10 Queen Square, Leeds, LS2 8AJ
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