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BA (Hons) Architecture
MA Architecture

PEDR Monitoring Service

The Leeds School of Architecture offers a PEDR Monitoring Service to all BA (Hons) Architecture and MArch graduates. This is a professional experience monitoring in support of the pathway to registration or licensure, primarily with the ARB.

Professional Studies Advisors at the Leeds School of Architecture, all of whom are registered Architects with the ARB, work closely with your practice mentor to guide your development in the professional office, to offer guidance towards PG Dip or equivalent examinations. Our Professional Studies Advisors review, guide and endorse block terms of professional experience in a team managed and quality assured process.

The 12-month monitoring service is offered to BA (Hons) Architecture or MArch graduates from the Leeds School of Architecture or graduates who possess an equivalent qualification. Candidates submit their records online and can be employed anywhere in the world. Candidates seeking the PEDR service can apply anytime, and will be required to declare when they wish to commencement of their 12 months. The service is only offered in a 12-month block, and expire at the end of 12 months. Should a candidate not complete 12 months, the unmonitored time is not transferable forward to future PEDRs.

The PEDR service is not a course and is completed wholly online, and via telecommunication. There is no enrolment, attendance, requirements for recall days and so forth. This is strictly a monitoring service offered by the school to assist immediate graduate development in professional practice prior to the achievement of legal title as 'architect' and access to markets.

PEDR’s may be accepted in overseas jurisdictions for the purposes of logging experience towards registration in a particular legal jurisdiction. Please consult the relevant legal authority as to the acceptability of PEDRs.

Students enrolled for the PG Dip Architectural Professional Practice course at the Leeds School of Architecture are automatically offered PEDR monitoring service for the duration of the course.

The fee for this 12 month service is £200 + VAT. To apply visit the online storeor for more information email:

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