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For 170 years, Leeds School of Arts has been home to makers, builders and creators. We’re a school that encourages individuality, inspires creativity, and challenges uniformity. Find your voice here, in a city full of life.

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Our students and alumni

At Leeds School of Arts, we encourage students to be courageous, adaptable and open to new ideas. Every year, our alumni use those skills to build inspirational careers, all over the world.

Suppoting our students

Creating a  mentally healthy school

We are committed to fostering a positive environment in which students, staff and the rest of our community can create, thrive and be who they are.

Wellbeing is embedded in everything we do, including our first year induction process, the design of our courses, the Mental Health First Aid training provided to teaching and support staff, and our recent involvement in MIND’s Mentally Healthy Universities Pilot scheme.

In collaboration with the university’s Student Wellbeing Team, and with the support of the school’s own Wellbeing Practitioner, we have put in place a number of specific measures in order to create a mentally healthier school.

Measures to promote a mentally healthier school:

  1. Providing specialist counsellingmental health support, and crisis interventions

  2. Identifying and mitigating any issues unique to students studying on Leeds School of Arts’ courses and creating tailored assistance for occasions when they do arise

  3. Supporting tutors and other staff to help them better respond to student mental health concerns and to co-ordinate support for students with specific needs

  4. Raising awareness of student mental health with the aim of destigmatising the issue and promoting a cultural change

  5. Instigating the ‘Look After Your Mate’ programme which empowers students by giving them the knowledge and confidence to direct any of their friends who are experiencing mental health difficulties towards the appropriate support and services 

Equality and inclusion 

Leeds School of Arts strives to create a vibrant, ethical and inclusive working and learning environment that celebrates diversity and promotes inclusion. Take a look at some of the projects our students get involved with to support these efforts below.

Creative Arts building by day

Where you'll learn

Art isn't just important. It's at the heart of everything. We've built a new £80m creative arts building in the centre of Leeds, where you'll have everything you need to create, explore and take risks. This compliments our iconic Broadcasting Place Studios, just a short walk away.

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