Art lives here

Art, design and creativity inspire us to re-think the world. In our bespoke spaces and buildings, you'll be immersed in a bold, challenging community, making and creating in the centre of Leeds.

Leeds School of arts building external

Leeds School of Arts Building

Leeds School of Arts was built to inspire creators, not just contain them. From the initial design to the equipment and social spaces, it's a place designed to bring artists, builders and dreamers together.

  1. Creative Technology

    New forms of media are transforming what we see and hear. You’ll be able to master these emerging tools in our creative technologies studios, where you’ll dive into games design, video, motion graphics, 3D animation, VR and web production. Our studios are equipped with Apple iMacs and the latest design software.

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  2. Music and sound

    Music is about experimentation. Our Music and Sound students get access to a bright and well-equipped space where they can work on their next project. Our studios feature the equipment and software you’ll find in major studios including:

    • 2 ensemble rooms
    • 8 music rehearsal rooms and 4 live rooms
    • Reverb and anechoic chambers, and acoustics lab
    • 2 recording booths
    • Mastering and ambisonics room
    • 5 practice booths and double height recording studio
    • All fitted with professional grade equipment and software
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  3. Northern Film School

    We’re putting you in charge of equipment such as ARRI ALEXA cameras, professional-grade sound recording equipment, a green screen studio, and a range of pre-and-post-production facilities. Showcase your work in a Dolby Atmos-accredited cinema, and see your films as you intended.

    • 220-seat cinema, Dolby Atmos-accredited
    • 4 film studios, including 1 x Green Screen studio
    • 2 Foley studios
    • 16 editing suites
    • 2 mixing and screening rooms
    • ARRI ALEXA cameras and professional grade sound recording equipment
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  4. Performing arts

    The stage is yours. Whether you're hosting an intimate show or a full Broadway style production, our space is fully adaptable with industry-standard lighting and sound equipment. Our 180-seat theatre is perfect for theatre, dance and all other forms of performance.

    • 1 blackbox studio theatre
    • 3 performing arts studios
    • 180-seat theatre
    • All built to the latest spec to host a range of performances and productions
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Broadcasting place

Officially one of the world’s best tall buildings and a big talking point in Leeds. Home to our art, design and architecture courses, it provides you with creative and contemporary learning environments, is packed with the latest technology and is a focal point for new and innovative thinking.

  1. Architecture

    Our architecture studios enable students to put theory into practice. Our facilities include workshops, computer-modelling software, drawing desks and more. You’ll also have access to our landscape resource centre, with bio-diverse wildlife habitats and experimental gardens. Gain valuable experience in planting design, ecology, environmental art and construction.

    Leeds School of Architecture
  2. Art and Design

    We want you to take risks. So you’ll have all the space you need to work, and an environment where you can collaborate with others. You’ll have everything you’d expect from a professional workplace, and support from experienced creators and educators. Our facilities include:

    • PCs and Macs with industry-standard software
    • Printmaking and an extensive 3D workshop
    • Creative studio spaces
    • Photographic studios and darkrooms
    • Digital print unit
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  3. Fashion

    You’ve got everything you need, from concept to catwalk. Experiment by starting your ideas with the use of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign or Premiere Pro. Develop your designs in a space that feels like a professional studio and bring your work to life in our industry equipped fashion studios packed with specialist equipment, including:

    • Industrial sewing machines
    • Laser cutters
    • Mannequins
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