James Simpson, England player

“It’s the first time I’ve seen the Carnegie School of Sport. Getting the chance to come and use it and do all these ground-breaking tests which we’ve never done before is massive and being from Leeds it’s awesome to do it here as well.

“The staff have been brilliant. We’re a disabled team with a lot of disabled athletes with different needs and they have been really good at adapting each specific thing to what we need as well.

“It will massively benefit our preparation for the world cup next year. It’s never been done before and I don’t know if any other country is doing this so it gives us that edge that we need even if it’s just one or two per cent of an edge it will definitely come in handy.”

Lewis King, England player

“It’s very scientific with all the tests and scans. I think to be put in the same bracket as a professional athlete and have all these tests done we get to see our progress in an actual way rather than just on the field and in training. It will be interesting to see what difference it will make.

“I’m very confident that if we keep performing how we’re doing now and with all this support and backing from the RFL and the Rugby League World Cup to be our absolute best and at our peak performance we have a very good chance of winning the world cup.”