Senior Management Group

Senior Management Group is responsible for:

  • Oversight of local delivery of strategic plan objectives as agreed with the University Executive Team, having a shared understanding of:
    • The on-going performance of the University in the relation to strategic plan objectives and;
    • The direction and priorities for the University in the forthcoming year;
  • Leadership of major business units within the University;
  • Communication and engagement with all internal academic and professional service communities;
  • Maintaining relationships with key stakeholders;
  • Co-ordinating all significant change projects;
  • Monitoring local financial performance.

The Chair of the Senior Management Group is the Vice Chancellor.

The membership comprises:

  • Deputy Vice Chancellors;
  • Pro Vice Chancellors;
  • University Registrar & Secretary;
  • Director of Finance;
  • Director of Human Resources;
  • Director of Strategic Insight and Business Analysis;
  • Deans of School;
  • Directors of Professional Service Areas;
  • Head of Sport and Active Lifestyles;
  • Chief Executive of the Students’ Union

The Senior Management Group meets on a monthly basis during the academic year.

Executive Group Structures

Our current Executive Team and Senior Management Group

Executive Group Structures