university policies

Our University has regulations, policies, and codes of practice relating to our specific activities. These set out the formal principles, requirements, standards, roles, responsibilities, and procedures to be adopted across the University so that we can conduct business effectively.

Policy Centre
The University’s Policy Centre enables ready access to well-developed and clear documents that adhere to legislation, regulation, and best practice, as well as aligning with the University’s core values and supporting the achievement of strategic objectives. These documents provide the guiding principles used to set direction, adopted by the University for delivering its services and responsibilities.

It's important that staff, students, and other third parties engaged with the University familiarise themselves with regulations, policies, and codes that apply across the University, as well as those that are relevant to specific areas.

University policies and key documents

The Schedule of University policies is the central reference point for all key university policies as well as key strategies, frameworks, regulations, codes of practice, and statements, setting out headline policy information.

Please use the links in the Policy Centre to access individual documents. Owners/key contacts are listed within each policy and should be consulted for specific questions relating to the application of the respective policy.

Policy templates and guidance

To enhance and standardise the quality of policies, a structured policy template and guidance document are available to support colleagues in the development of new University policies, review of existing policies, and seeking formal approval. The University's Document Classification Guidance sets out definitions of frameworks, regulations, policies, codes, procedures, and guidance, based on best practice. 


Advice and further information 

For further information relating to the development or approvals of policies, or for bespoke needs, please contact the Policy & Projects Officer, via


For Human Resources policies, procedures and guidance please visit our Human Resources A-Z


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For Human Resources policies, procedures and guidance please visit our Human Resources A-Z