University executive team

Information about the University Executive Team (UET), including membership and reporting.

UET normally meets weekly to steer the development and implementation of university strategy, policy and the successful operation of the university.  This is undertaken through:

  • Regular monitoring of the higher education policy environment
  • Ownership and management responsibility for strategic risks
  • Determining the action to be taken by the university in response to external opportunities and initiatives
  • Monitoring and reporting on the university’s performance against the strategic planning framework
  • Reviewing key plans and policies for recommendation to Academic Board or the Board of Governors and other key committees
  • Co-ordinating the university’s planning process and the approval of annual plans proposed by Schools and Services
  • Considering and approving any restructuring or re-organisation of the university
  • Developing the annual institutional budget and future financial forecasts and recommending these to the Finance, Staffing & Resources Committee and the Board of Governors
Weekly meetings also provide the opportunity for other UET members to seek advice and to share and discuss issues relating to their individual leadership and management responsibilities.

All members of UET are committed to acting in the best interests of the university through collective responsibility.

The Vice Chancellor is the University’s Principal Academic Officer and Chief Executive.  He is designated by the Board of Governors as the university’s ‘Accountable Officer’ with the Office for Students and operates under the Board’s delegated authority in leading the university and maintaining an overview of its day-to-day management and operation.

The Vice Chancellor chooses to discharge his leadership responsibilities in consultation with the University Executive Team.

UET therefore advises and makes recommendation to the Vice Chancellor. It is not a formal feature of the university’s constitution or governance structure, which is set out and published in our Instrument and Articles of Government.

UET comprises:

  • Professor Peter Slee, Vice Chancellor
  • Professor Phil Cardew, Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) Phil Harrison, Director of Finance
  • Professor Jeanne Keay, Pro Vice Chancellor (Global Engagement)
  • Tracey Lancaster, Deputy Vice Chancellor (Corporate Communications)
  • Professor Chris Prince, Pro Vice Chancellor (Business Engagement)
  • Heather Pavers, Director of HR
  • Professor Andrew Slade, Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research & Enterprise)
  • Professor Paul Smith, Deputy Vice Chancellor (Resources)
  • Andrew Fern, Director of Strategic Insight and Business Analysis
  • Caroline Thomas, University Secretary


The Vice Chancellor and members of UET submit regular briefing reports to Academic Board and the Board of Governors and its committees in accordance with agreed terms of reference for those respective decision making bodies.

Agenda, papers and minutes of meetings of Academic Board, the Board of Governors and its committees (excluding those matters exempt from publication under the Freedom of Information Act) will be published on the university’s web pages as part of our commitment to appropriate levels of transparency in decision making.

Any key day-to-day decisions will be communicated through relevant management channels, including the Senior Management Group (which comprises the members of UET, all Deans of School and every Director or Head of Service), as appropriate.

An informal record of the issues discussed is kept by the Vice Chancellor and an action list is circulated to members of UET weekly for implementation.

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