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Green Impact Scheme

The Green Impact Scheme is a behavioural change programme run by the NUS, promoting sustainability in over 180 organisations worldwide involving almost 30,000 people. Through Green Impact, colleagues are brought together to play an active role in making their workplace 'greener'.

Teams from across our university take actions to implement changes which will decrease their environmental impact; with an opportunity to achieve awards at Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum levels. Teams are provided with bespoke toolkits to promote change including: safe walking routes, ensuring procurement of goods and services is ethical and brainstorming about the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals as a team. Change to Since 2019, the toolkit has included bespoke projects, giving teams the opportunity to focus on improving an issue of their choice.

Since March 2016, our university has been working alongside the NUS to implement the Green Impact Scheme which now includes 17 teams and around 70 team members.

Our Current green impact Teams

  • CARES City Cleaning & Portering
  • CARES City Food Services
  • CARES Headingley Cleaning & Portering
  • CARES Headingley Food Services
  • CARES Queen Square House
  • CCTE Academics & Admin
  • Corporate Communications 
  • Distance Learning Unit
  • Estate Services
  • Green Filmmakers
  • Grounds Maintenance
  • IT Services
  • Print Room
  • Procurement
  • Sport & Active Lifestyles
  • Student Experience Team
  • Student Wellbeing

  1. Find out what our teams have been working on...

  2. The team wants to build raised beds at both Headingley and City that staff from both campuses can use to grow flowers, herbs, fruit or veg. This project aims to improve relationships and transfer knowledge and experience between all Estates colleagues and the wider university.

    Estates Services

  3. Our students do a lot of practical work. They make films with crews of around 20-30 people sometimes. Filmmaking uses a lot of resources and you must look after, transport and feed everyone on set. This means that film shoots are very wasteful. Currently, in the film industry there is a big shift happening and film shoots are becoming more sustainable. We believe it is important that our students learn sustainability practices early on. We want to do this by making them aware of sustainability practices in the film industry, implementing them on the School’s film shoots, and by rewarding them for these practices.

    Green Filmmakers

  4. Our Grounds team are working on a living wall and roof; introducing new and existing plant species to the area, with the hope that new animal / insect species will also be introduced. 

    Grounds Maintenance

  5. The team want to tackle some of the issues we face with coffee cup waste. The current problem involves misunderstanding whether the items can be recycled and therefore the amount that end up in the wrong bins. They need to increase recycling rates, produce good quality waste, segregated from general and dry-mixed, that can be taken away and handled correctly. 

    CARES Headingley Cleaning and Portering

  6. The Print Room currently utilise scrap paper from across our university to create pads and notebooks. They want to expand the amount produced, whilst promoting sustainability and Green Impact across our university. They hope this will also engage more students in the service they offer and recycling. You can find the Print Room in the James Graham building.

    The Print Room

  7. The plan for this team is to create a Financial Services Grower's Club, with the following aims:

    • Provide people with seeds, pots, soil and information on how to grow their chosen plant 
    • Receive and share photos, progress reports and knowledge
    • Share produce 
    • Provide awards for the best / well looked after / largest plant


Abstract art in front of James Graham Building on Headingley Campus

Create your own green impact

Join our thriving community and create your own green impact. You can either join an existing team, or create a new one. 

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