Colonial and Postcolonial Cultures

From Black Lives Matter to ‘Why is my curriculum white?’, it remains vital to think about how colonialism shaped the world and how cultures function in its aftermath.

By studying cultural forms such as film, the media and literature ranging from novels to travel guides and biographies, we stimulate both academic and public debate on how individuals, communities and societies experience, remember and build anew from the legacies of colonialism.

our research

The Colonial and Postcolonial Cultures research group are involved in a number of projects with wide-reaching impact, including:

  • Caribbean Carnival Cultures (featured below)
  • Postcolonial and South Asian cities
  • Congo Free State across European Cultures
  • Emily Hobhouse Letters Project
  • Travel Guides and the Modern World
  • Congo House, 1889-1911: Black Lives between Empire and Immigration
1970 Leeds Carnival Queens at Mecca Ballroom © Photographed by PepperPhoto

caribbean carnival cultures

Bridging the perceived gap between academic research and artistic practice in carnival and creating strong, lasting and meaningful connections between communities and organisations.