Data Science, AI and Machine Learning

This era of Data and Internet of Things (IoT) is giving new impetus to the application of AI and Machine learning techniques in that with sufficient data, science can be carried out by directly analysing and learning from data and a lot of knowledge discovery can be driven by exploiting the availability of the massive amount of data.

Our Data Science and AI research investigates a wide-ranging developments and applications of Data Analytics and recent intelligent computing paradigms, such as nature, Big data and IoT inspired Intelligence and Computing. Our applications of Data Science and Machine learning include e-health and smart living, smart cities, video codecs and engineering and robotics.

An important part of our research projects include data Science and Technologies for health and wellbeing where our work revolves around designing digital solutions that help people live healthier, longer and happier lives. We conduct research in close collaboration with stakeholders in the NHS, other healthcare organisations, engineering companies and directly with end users. The research focuses on applying computer science areas such as Human-Computer Interaction, Computational Modelling, and Signal processing, Image and Video Analytics.

Our projects:

  • Data Science and Machine learning applications for weight management - (Prof. Hissam Tawfik)
  • Predictive Analytics for Adult Social Care - (Dr Anna Palczewska)
  • Generalized TD-Replay with reinforcement learning algorithms - (Dr Abdurrahman Altahhan)
  • Empathic and Emphatic Interactive Companion - (Dr Abdurrahman Altahhan)
  • Software Engineering Framework for Cloud Computing - (Dr Muthu Ramachandran)
  • Interpreting Neural Network via Pedagogical Approach using Feature Contributions - (Dr Anna Palczewska)
  • Software Engineering Analytics with Machine Learning - (Dr Muthu Ramachandran)
  • Image/video colour constancy adjustment techniques - (Dr Akbar Sheikh Akbari)
  • Application of HEVC for stereo/multi-view video coding - (Dr Akbar Sheikh Akbari)
  • Application of ear and iris for biometric security - (Dr Akbar Sheikh Akbari)
  • Machine learning applications for the prediction of Obesity risk - (Mr Bal Singh)
  • Financial Time Series Prediction Using Spiking Neural Networks - (Prof. Hissam Tawfik)
  • A ‘General Aviation’ Flight Simulation Environment for the analysis of pilot performance under ‘startle’ conditions - (Prof. Hissam Tawfik)

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