Professor Grigorios Antoniou, Professor

Professor Grigorios Antoniou


Grigoris a Professor of Computer Science at Leeds Beckett. Previously he has held professorial positions in Australia, Germany, Greece and the UK. In Greece, he was Head of the Information Systems Laboratory at FORTH-ICS. At Huddersfield, he founded a Centre of AI for Mental Health and co-founded the Centre for Planning, Autonomy and Representation of Knowledge.

Grigoris is Fellow of IEEE, Fellow of the European Association of AI and the Asia-Pacific AI Association. 

Research Interests

Grigoris' research interests lie in artificial intelligence. On the theoretical side, his interests lie in knowledge representation, semantic web technologies and neurosymbolic AI. These technologies are primarily about collecting and managing data and knowledge, and making sound use of them.

Grigoris seeks to apply AI technologies in domains such as health and law, often engaging with colleagues from different disciplines as well as businesses. He has a long-term collaboration with South-West Yorkshire NHS Foundation Trust on AI for mental health.

Grigoris has participated in many national and EU-funded research projects. 

Professor Grigorios Antoniou, Professor

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