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Dr Adalberto Arrigoni

Dr Adalberto Arrigoni
Contact Details
Dr Adalberto Arrigoni

Senior Lecturer

Leeds Business School

0113 81 26687

About Dr Adalberto Arrigoni

Dr Adalberto Arrigoni is an interdisciplinary-oriented scholar who joined Leeds Beckett University in 2016, after being a Subject Expert in the area of Social Sciences at the Department of Human Sciences at University of Verona (Italy) since 2009.

His main areas of interest cover: CSR; Social Theory / Sociology; CSR Communication & Journalism; CSR & Corporate Responsible Leadership; Business Ethics & Relational Goods/Commons; Social Ontology & Dynamics of Organisations/Institutions; Semiotics & Marketing; Epistemology of Complexity; Imitation, Culture & Conflict (Mimetic Theory); Political Theology; Interdisciplinary approaches to Human Sciences; Philosophical Issues into Social Sciences; Modernity, Modern Societies & Counter-productivity; Critical perspectives on Development & Global Challenges; Critical Realism vs Constructivism (Criticism of Methodologism).

The teaching activity conducted at Verona included seminars within General Sociology module (e.g. specific aspects of Ivan Illich’s thought relating to the crisis of contemporary functional paradigms of knowledge transfer and management; introduction to Emmanuele Morandi’s sociological realism and its key notions; overall presentation basic introduction to the majority of “classic” authors, such as Comte, Marx, Durkheim, Weber) and within Sociology of Cultural Processes module (e.g. understanding “ancient” sociological insights in the light of contemporary “critical realism”; “deschooling society” as a cultural process; introduction to René Girard mimetic theory, and the importance of symbolically imitative processes for the explanation of main psycho-social phenomena: the position of both structure-oriented and action-oriented sociological paradigms).

Adalberto gained his PhD in Anthropology and Epistemology of Complexity (Field of Historical and Philosophical Sciences) at University of Bergamo, after a three-year research period at CeRCo (Centro Ricerche sulla Complessità). Thanks to his interdisciplinary and complexity-oriented background, Adalberto's teaching and research approach aims at overcoming the disciplinary divisions and the overspecialization of academic disciplines that are still dominating and fragmenting our way of thinking, leading to consequent globally noxious forms of dominance.

Adalberto is an Associate Fellow to the Centre for Leadership, Governance and Global Responsibility, an Associate Fellow of Higher Education Academy (AFHEA), and a member of the British Academy of Management. He has given talks and lectured at Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria Integrata Verona (Verona Hospital Trust), within ECM Programmes, at Istituto Filosofico Studi Tomistici and at Italian Trade Union Confederation (Verona District).


English to Italian

  • Roy Bhaskar, La possibilità del naturalismo, Marietti, Milano-Genova 2010;
  • Niels Åkerstrøm Andersen & Justine Grønbæk Pors, Il welfare delle potenzialità: Il management pubblico in transizione, Mimesis, Milano, 2016;
  • David Stark, The Sense of Dissonance: Accounts of Worth in Economic Life, 2018 (forthcoming);
  • Herbert McCabe, On Aquinas, ESD, Bologna (forthcoming)
Italian to English
  • Emmanuele Morandi, The future is behind us. Aristotelian causality and sociological realism in Morandi E., Prandini R., Maccarini A. (Eds.), Sociological Realism, Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, London 2011;
  • Emmanuele Morandi, Alleged innocence: the mimetic co-implication of criminality and social normativity, «Sicurezza e Scienze Sociali», (2) 2015;
  • Emmanuele Morandi, Experiencing society: Eric Voegelin’s criticism of sociologism, Mimesis International, Milano 2018


Prior to his career in academia, Adalberto worked as a Copywriter/Account in two major Communication/PR agencies, ranging from Editorial Office roles in environment-oriented campaigns and nation-wide associations to more marketing-focused responsibilities for international customers. Also, he had a multi-year experience as a journalist (both newspaper and radio): he is a member of the Italian National Order of Journalists (Ordine dei Giornalisti) since 2008.

Current Teaching

Within his experience at the Leeds Beckett University, Adalberto has taught and conducted seminars within the following modules:

  • Business Ethics, Governance and Social Responsibility
  • Global Management Practice
  • Managerial Decision Making

Adalberto is also currently supervising dissertation students within the BSc (Hons) Human Resource Management & Business Undergraduate Course

Research Interests

From 2016 to 2018, Adalberto is conducting a pilot Joint Project between University of Verona and a network of Italian SME (“Nuova Costruttività”), focused on a double objective:

  • explore the missing but necessary theoretical link between social ontology, ontology of the firm and CSR
  • in the wake of the latter, provide a better understanding of the “dynamic” challenges facing CSR managers/practitioners, more and more expected to show a specialised ethcial/practical CSR sensibility, together with a clear ability to seize cultural/environmental change and engage stakeholder (construction of intra- and inter-business relationships)

Liaising with Business School Head of Research, Adalberto is in the process of submitting similar projects to British funding institution together with prof Ralph Tench: C.R.E.A.T.I.O.N. (Corporate Responsibility Extension Action-research Towards International Organisational Networks) to BAM (British Academy of Management) and “ Life on the (ir)responsibility continuum? Corporate Reporting and Diachronics – building a theory and practise CSR Knowledge Bank in the UK” to British Academy - Leverhulme.

Together with prof Simon Robinson, and other colleagues at the Centre for Leadership, Governance and Global Responsibility, he is part of an international network (including Irish, Italian, Bulgarian, Romanian, French organisations) bidding for an Erasmus+ bid (project I2YOU - Innovation To Youth Optimisation Upskilling).

Before his PhD, Adalberto was part of a research group at University of Bologna within PRIN 2007 National Research Project: "Il valore sociale aggiunto nel terzo settore: come misurare la produzione di beni relazionali", University of Bologna, carrying out case studies about some voluntary non-profit associations, with specific focus on the generation and measurement of social values and relational goods.

During his time at the Department of Human Sciences at University of Verona, Adalberto, as active component since 2010, partook two Projects within the Social Theory (Teoria Sociale) Research Group, that studied the relationship between the main theoretical elaborations inside contemporary sociology and social ontology, promoting and operating comparison and theoretical verification of their epistemic foundations: “Riscoprire la lezione di Ivan Illich: la società conviviale” (2011-2015) and “Gli elementi empirici e teorici della nozione di ‘bene relazionale’ a confronto con le teorie sociologiche e politiche contemporanee” (2010-2012).

Selected Publications

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