Dr Anne-Louise Temple Clothier, Senior Lecturer

Dr Anne-Louise Temple Clothier

Senior Lecturer

Anne has worked in education for over 25 years. Since joining the university in 2005 her contributions to innovative curriculum design have been recognised with Teacher Fellow status within Leeds Beckett University, and Senior Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy.

Anne has successfully led and managed Course Development Teams and made a significant contribution to the effective curriculum development, and innovative course delivery, across the university. Her current focus is Course Leading the MA Education, and the Carnegie Co-creation Project. Whilst supervising several PhD And EdD research projects, she also Module Leads postgraduate subjects including Coaching and Mentoring, and Educational Perspectives.

Current Teaching

Anne currently supervises PhD and EdD Doctoral research across the university and is Course Leader for the MA Education. She founded the Carnegie Co-creation Project in 2016 and continues to work with students and a range of external specialists to add value to Community Investment Companies and local primary schools within the region.

Research Interests

Anne completed her Doctorate in Higher Education at Sheffield University (2016) creating Ecological Positioning as a conceptual framework for the analysis of the revised ‘internal careers’ experienced by higher education teaching practitioners undertaking the journey to the Doctorate in Education.

She is a sociologist of education, with a commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusive education. Her research interests are founded on social enterprise, grass roots frugal innovation, and community engagement. Current qualitative and narrative research explores using co-creation, and pedagogic diversity, to challenge the stratification of higher education. Anne is an expert reviewer for The Journal of Education for Teaching, The Journal of Further and Higher Education, and BioMed Central Medical Education.

Dr Anne-Louise Temple Clothier, Senior Lecturer

Selected Outputs

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