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Dr Brian Jones

About Dr Brian Jones

Brian joined Leeds Beckett University in 2004 as Senior Lecturer in Marketing. Since joining Leeds Beckett University Brian has been engaged in teaching and lecturing, academic and applied research, funded projects (e.g. Erasmus plus) and consultancy (e.g. ERDF).

Before joining Leeds Beckett University Brian worked for the University of Durham where he contributed to and managed national and international (DfID funded) research, consultancy, training and enterprise programmes and projects surrounding the Small, Medium Enterprise sector.He previously lectured in Industrial Management at the University of Bradford and also served as a Research Officer in the area of education and skills for the British Government's Employment Department.

Current Teaching

Brian is responsible for teaching Marketing modules and Corporate Social Responsibility modules. He supervises Undergraduate and Postgraduate dissertations and supervises PhD students.

Research Interests

Brian undertakes research and publishes in the area of enterprise and entrepreneurship education, social media, entrepreneurial marketing, and corporate social responsibility. He is presently working on an Erasmus plus funded project which looks at succession planning in family owned small businesses.

Selected Publications

Journal articles (17)

Books (3)

  • Idowu SO; Capaldi N; Zu L; Gupta AD (2013) Encyclopedia of Corporate Social Responsibility Vol. 1 A-C, pp. 1-748; Vol. 2 D-H, pp. 749-1386; Vol. 3 I-R, pp. 1387-2106; Vol. 4 S-Z, pp. 2107-2767. Springer Verlag.
  • Tench R; Sun W; Jones B (2012) Corporate Social Irresponsibility: A Challenging Concept. Critical Studies on Corporate Responsibility, Governance and Sustainability Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.
  • Jones B ed. (2012) Entrepreneurial Communications. Access Press UK.

Chapters (5)

  • Jones BT; Temperley J (2012) Minicase 3.2 Primark - defending a reputation with social media. In: Fill C; Roper S Corporate Reputation: Brand and Communication. : Financial Times/Prentice Hall, pp. 321-324.
  • Tench R; Sun W; Jones BT (2012) The Challenging Concept of Corporate Social Irresponsibility: An Introduction. In: Tench R; Sun W; Jones B Corporate Social Irresponsibility. : Emerald Group Publishing, pp. .
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  • Jones BT (2010) Corporate Social Irresponsibility: The Role of Government and Ideology. In: Sun W; Stewart J; Pollard DJ Reframing Corporate Social Responsibility. : Emerald Group Pub Limited, pp. .

Newspaper or magazine articles (3)

  • Jones B (2010) Tuition fees have shown up UK's political union as unfair
  • Jones B (2010) Scottish students distort the market
  • Jones BT (2007) Time warp

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