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About Dr Don Crewe

Dr Crewe is a Senior Lecturer in Criminology. He was awarded his Doctorate for his thesis "Will, Power, Constraint, and Change: Prolegomena to the Study of Self and the Emergence of Structure in Young Offender Institutions" in 2007.

Dr Crewe is a Critical Criminologist, a Philosopher of Social Structures, and a Criminal Justice ethicist.

Current Teaching

  • Images of Crime
  • Introduction to Criminology
  • Criminological Theory
  • Penology
  • Contemporary Transitions in Criminal Justice and Social Control
  • Criminal Justice Ethics
  • Research Methods
  • Foucault Discipline and Punishment
  • Criminology Dissertation

Research Interests

Dr Crewe's research is concerned with unpacking and challenging otherwise taken-for-granted concepts in criminology and criminal justice. His most recent work challenges at a fundamental level ideas of agency, power, social structure, and crime. Dr Crewe's work also challenges fundamentally what it is to think ethically about criminal justice issues. The confluence of these foundational re-examinations provides the perspective that the power of the concept of crime to operate as a social force is rooted in fundamental ways of human being. This work will have significant impact upon the way we view crime and criminals and on how we operate the criminal justice system.

Dr Crewe is currently working on a textbook for Penology courses and on a monograph that deconstructs the foundations of criminological method and knowledge claims.

Selected Publications

Journal articles (6)

  • Crewe D (2010), Power: The Supposed Definitions Revisited
  • Crewe D (2009), Beyond Agency and Structure: Methodological Considerations for Researching the Use of Restrictive Physical Intervention against Children in Jail
  • Crewe D (2008), The Vertigo of Late Modernity
  • Crewe D (2008), L. McNamara: Human Rights Controversies: The Impact of Legal Form
  • Crewe D (2006), THE DROWNED AND THE SAVED: Identities of Resistance and Docility Amongst the Boys in a Young Offenders' Institution.
  • Crewe D (2005), Fear of a Crime in a Small Community

Books (2)

  • Crewe D (2013) Becoming Criminal. Palgrave MacMillan.
  • Lippens R; Crewe DJ (2011) Existentialist Criminology. Cavendish Pub Limited.

Chapters (4)

  • Crewe D (2011) Crime, Harm, and Responsibility. In: Hardie-Bick J; Lippens R Crime, Governance and Existential Predicaments. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. .
  • Crewe D (2010) Assemblage Theory and the Future for Criminology. In: Lippens R; Calster PV New Directions for Criminology. Antwerp: Maklu Pub, pp. .
  • Crewe D (2009) The Will to Crime and the Will to Self Consumation: A Study in Criminal Motivation. In: Crewe D; Lippens R Existentialist Criminology. : Routledge-Cavendish, pp. .
  • Crewe D (2008) Introduction. In: Crewe D; Lippens R Existentialist Criminology. : Routledge, pp. 1-11.
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