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Dr Doug Martin

About Dr Doug Martin

Following a successful career as a practitioner, service manager and strategic leader in the care and education sectors, Dr Doug Martin became a policy writer and moved into higher education. Through his research, he investigates the complex issues impacting on vulnerable children, young people and families. He is a school governor and has been director, chair and advisor to a variety of voluntary sector organisations. He is also a member of the Leeds School Forum, taking an active role in helping to shape schooling in the city.

Selected Publications

Books (1)

  • Martin DJ (2016) Whatever happened to Extended Schools: The story of an ambitious education project. UCL IOE Press.

Chapters (3)

  • Martin DJ (2014) Young people, education, families and communities: Marginalised hopes and dreams?. In: Harrison M; Sanders T Social Policies and Social Control: New perspectives on the 'not-so-big society'. Bristol: Policy Press, pp. .
  • Martin DJ (2011) Every Child Matters: new ethical challenges arising in school.. In: Campbell A; Broadhead P Working with Children and Young People. : Peter Lang Pub Incorporated, pp. .
  • Broadhead P; Martin DJ (2008) ECM and Education. In: Barker R Making Sense of Every Child Matters. Bristol: Policy Press, pp. .

Conference contributions (3)

  • Martin DJ; Dunhill A (2013) Contemporary policy: children and young people's workforce in crisis as schools are directed to return to so called traditional educational values. Oxford University 23/06/2013.
  • Martin DJ (2012) Schools and children and young people's services have successfully constructed localised, holistic, multi-professional partnerships. But what's next under the Coalition government? Manchester 07/09/2012.
  • Martin DJ (2009) The 21st Century School: broader and narrower conceptualisations of children and young people. Manchester 09/09/2009.

Newspaper or magazine articles (1)

  • Martin DJ (In press) Think Family: should schools be central to responding to this policy?
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