Dr Fiona Robertson, Senior Lecturer

Dr Fiona Robertson

Senior Lecturer

Fiona currently works as a senior lecturer in accounting and finance at Leeds Beckett University.  She is also an associate director of The Centre for Governance, Leadership and Global Responsibility where her research interests include Integrated Thinking and Reporting. She passionately believes that the focus of corporate leaders should be in the best interests of the long-term health of an organisation, which requires the recognition that the three dimensions of sustainable development, the economy, society, and the environment, are indivisible and integrated.

She is currently lead researcher on two funded research projects. The first project involves creating innovative solutions for sustainability in higher education and the second project aims to provide practical tools for implementing Integrated Thinking and Reporting in SMEs. She chairs an Integrated Reporting Group at Leeds Beckett University made up of practitioners and academics, who meet quarterly to promote and develop Integrated Thinking and Reporting. 

She completed a PhD in Integrated Reporting in 2016, where she conducted 36 interviews with leading executive in seventeen FTSE 100 companies on their perceptions and experiences of Integrated Reporting. She has published several articles based on her research in leading academic journals and practitioner magazines and has presented her research findings at leading conferences. 

She has previously worked for 25 years in senior finance roles in industry, with particular expertise in compliance, internal audit and project management. Fiona qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1988 and is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland (ICAS) Corporate & Financial Reporting Panel which represents ICAS in relation to financial reporting and broader corporate reporting issues and undertakes proactive initiatives to contribute to the debate on how reporting could improve into the future, to better meet the needs of stakeholders.

Current Teaching

Corporate Governance, Research Philosophy

Research Interests

Fiona is currently working on the areas on integrated Reporting related to SMEs, Higher Education and PLCs. Her work on the diffusion of Integrated Reporting within PLCs has been cited 74 times and lessons learned have been fed into he consultation process on the revision of the Integrated Reporting Framework.  Her project work on Integrated Reporting which involved the development of training materials and a theoretical and practical manual on Integrated Reporting in Higher Education has led to the production of an Integrated Report in five European Universities and has created awareness of the underlying processes and tools required for the production of an Integrated Report. Her project on Integrated Reporting for SME's is at the early stages but will involve the development of guidelines and training to inform SMEs of the tools and process that can assist them on the Integrated Thinking and Reporting Journey to ensure their longer term sustainability.

Dr Fiona Robertson, Senior Lecturer

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