Dr Ian Cowburn, Senior Lecturer

Dr Ian Cowburn

Senior Lecturer

Prior to coming to Leeds Beckett University Ian completed his undergraduate degree in sport and exercise science at the University of Bath (UK), before heading to North America for his doctoral studies in Kinesiology at the Michigan State University (US), and postdoctoral fellowship at Queen's University (Canda). During this time he also served one year as Assistant Professor at Saginaw Valley State University.

Having spent time working at both the Institute for the Study of Youth Sport (Michigan State) and the Performance Lab for the Advancement of Youth in Sport (Queen's), Ian is interested in the development of youth through sport, both in terms of athletic talent and life-skill development. Key to the development of youth are the coaches and parents that surround the athletes, and therefore Ian also conducts research to examine parental involvement in sport and coach effectiveness.

Current Teaching

  • Research Methods in Sport Coaching (Level 5)
  • Participant Development 2 (Level 5)
  • Coaching Practice 2 (Level 5)
  • Coaching Pedagogy 3 (Level 6)

Research Interests

Ian's research interest is in conducting research with community partners to develop practically applicable outcomes. His overall aim is the development of coach-led optimal sport environments that lead to enhanced development and experiences for participants and their parents. This research falls into three interrelated strands:

  • The development of participant life-skills and athletic talent. Particularly the use of sport to enhance the development of life-skills.
  • Parental involvement in sport. Examining how we can create more effective and inclusive sporting environments for parents.
  • Coach effectiveness and development. As the creators of coaching environments, we need to understanding how can better develop coaches to be more effective in achieving optimal development for participants and parents.
Dr Ian Cowburn, Senior Lecturer

Selected Outputs