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Dr Ingrid Griffiths, Head of Subject

Dr Ingrid Griffiths

Head of Subject

Ingrid has a diverse and long-established background spanning 20 years in sport business management curriculum delivery and developing sport management related courses at undergraduate and post graduate levels.

Ingrid's extensive knowledge and experience within sport management drives her passion and advocacy for fairness in sport. Since completing her PhD in 2011, she has completed two further Master degrees in Law (Qualifying and in Sport Law). In the final stages of her barrister training with the Inns of Court College of Advocacy in London, she applies her expertise within the areas of sport governance, representing player athletes and providing guidance in commercial aspects of sport.

As a member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitration, Ingrid’s work and expertise in this area expands into the landscape of sports arbitration. Her current research is within the area of sport intermediaries (also referred to as sport agents) with a particular focus on woman as leaders in sport arbitration and as sport intermediaries.

Ingrid’s previous research areas lie in developing a framework for assessing the impact of the assumption of risk doctrine and concussion in equine sports. She has also provided written commentary in assessing the legal positioning of combat sports in the United Kingdom. She also has a keen interest in the area of sporting integrity and governance.

Extending her commitment to fairness in sport, Ingrid is a trustee for the Federation of Disability Sport Wales (DSW) and supports the overall governance of the charity and she provides specific guidance and support on issues of company and/or charity law. She also remains as a Board Member for DSW on their Governance Committee.

Ingrid is also Chair of the Carnegie School of Sport’s Diversity, Inclusion and Equality Steering Committee.

Current Teaching


  • UG Sport Business Management
  • UG Sport Marketing
  • PG Sport Business
  • PG Strategic Sport Marketing


  • Sport Governance
  • Research Methods
  • Professional Practice in Sport Industry


  • Undergraduate Dissertation/Research Projects
  • Post Graduate Dissertation/Research Projects
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
  • Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA)
  • Doctor of Professional Practice in Sport (DProf Sport)

Research Interests

Ingrid's research interest is in the area of sport intermediaries, with a particular focus on woman as leaders in sport arbitration and intermediary roles. She also has an interest in concussion and its governance in sport, with a focus upon rugby and football, and also within the equestrian industry. The Law of Tort and Sport Regulation is an area she has also developed and interest, focusing upon concussion and also the legality of certain sports.

Dr Ingrid Griffiths, Head of Subject

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