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Dr Jackie De Wet

About Dr Jackie De Wet

Dr Jackie de Wet is a Senior Lecturer in Criminology and Psychology. He joined Leeds Beckett from the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa. His teaching and research interest are centralised around Forensic Criminology and Criminal and Forensic psychology.

Dr De Wet holds multiple post graduate degrees (PhD, Masters and two Honours degrees) from the University of Pretoria as well as University of Liverpool (MSc Forensic and Investigative Psychology). His areas of specialisation are grounded in the fields of Criminal and Forensic Psychology and Investigative Psychology with specific focus on psycho-criminological and behavioural analysis.

His research interests align with violent crime (serial offending) as well as critical terrorism studies.

Current Teaching

Jack has and is currently teaching:

  • Introduction to Psychology and Crime
  • Applied Bio and cognitive Psychology and Crime
  • Investigative and forensic psychology

Research Interests

Currently Jackie is busy with a project entitled - Behavioural crime linkage of serial murder in South Africa - which is a project in conjunction with the South African Police Service. The objective is to investigate if structured behavioural dimensions – for example instrumental and expressive aggression and types of sexual behaviour – can be identified in South African serial murder offences. The aim of the research is to determine whether specific thematic dimensions of offending could be identified in serial murder offenders.

The research aims to provide a more specific situational impact (South African Context) as to the general understanding of serial offenders and also contribute to the over field of behavioural analysis.

Selected Publications

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