Dr Jeremy Coyle, Senior Lecturer

Dr Jeremy Coyle

Senior Lecturer

Jeremy is a qualified barrister who has been teaching at Leeds Beckett for fourteen years. 

He is a senior lecturer teaching our law undergraduates and postgraduates, as well as teaching Employment Law to Human Resource Management students at Leeds Business School.

Jeremy is currently researching how culture affects team performance for a doctorate which will help to create more effective change management processes.

Current Teaching


  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Media and Entertainment Law
  • Employment Law
  • MA HR Management: 
    • Employment Law
  • PD HR Management:
    • Employment Law

Research Interests

Jeremy is completing a doctorate in Business Administration, researching how team culture influences performance. Change management initiatives in organisations rarely work, finding that culture is a stumbling block. Jeremy feels that the best way to look at culture is at a team level and he is focusing his research on action teams – teams trained for a specific purpose such as sports teams, emergency services and military teams.

The aim is to get a better understanding of team culture which can make change management processes more effective in future.

Dr Jeremy Coyle, Senior Lecturer