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Dr Julia Claxton

About Dr Julia Claxton

Dr Julia Claxton is Principal Lecturer for Research in the Subject Area of Leadership, Governance & People Management. She oversees the NHS Graduate Management Scheme and teaches and researches in employee engagement, leadership development and action learning.

After 10 years in management Julia always felt the most satisfying part of her job was helping others to develop their careers and so entered the world of academia and consultancy to be able to do this more. She has developed and led master level programmes for practitioners and aspiring leaders in leadership and management development for 20 years in 4 universities. Julia helped organisations develop their leadership potential through action learning and bespoke leadership workshops. She supervises research projects where practitioners are making a real difference in their organisation. Currently she is focusing on employee engagement, feeling that if people are truly valued for who they are and what they do and if their work is properly aligned to organisational goals, then organisations can thrive.

Current Teaching

  • Employee Engagement
  • Leadership
  • Coaching Skills
  • Managing Change

Research Interests

I am currently focussing on researching in the area of Employee Engagement and Leadership Development through Action Learning. I am running a stream on Employee Engagement at two conferences UFHRD and EuroMed. From one of these I am developing a Special Issue of Journal of Workplace Learning. Impact will be through development of this relatively new discipline and helping organisations to improve engagement which benefits people's working lives and organisational growth.

Selected Publications

Journal articles (5)

Chapters (2)

  • Claxton JC; Gold J (2013) Leadership and Management Development. In: Gold J; Holden R; Iles P; Stewart J; Beardwell J Human Resource Development. : Palgrave Macmillan, pp. .
  • Claxton JC (2005) Claxton J (2005) "A Step too Far? Are We Abusing the Concept of Left Brain/Right Brain in Learning and Development?". In: 16th International Conference on College Teaching and Learning. : , pp. .

Conference contributions (2)

  • Claxton JC (2011) Danger Ahead: Left Brain/Right Brain Concept LeedsMet University 05/09/2011.
  • Claxton JC; Mathers J (2005) Facilitating Action Learning York St John University 07/03/2005.

Conference proceedings (14)

Lectures (1)

  • Claxton JC; Mathers J (2004) Workshop: Using Action Learning
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