Graham Hibbert, Senior Lecturer

Graham Hibbert

Senior Lecturer

Graham Hibbert is a photographer, filmmaker, designer and developer whose work primarily explores ideas of the abstract in relation to Digital Imaging.

Originally from Belfast, Graham Hibbert lives in Lancaster, and is a Senior Lecture in the Leeds School of Arts at Leeds Beckett University. He has worked as a designer since 1993 in both print and digital media, and explores ideas of abstract imaging within his photographic and moving-image work.

His programming involves online curation and archiving of digital collections, in particular the navigation through web-based systems using ideas from public transport wayfinding.

Current Teaching

  • BA (Hons) Graphic Arts and Design

Research Interests

Graham's current research is centred around an e-portfolio system used extensively within the School of Art Architecture and Design, specialising in an approach that focuses on user-centric design, combined with Information Architecture to create a highly engaging and relevant system.

Graham Hibbert, Senior Lecturer

Selected Outputs

  • Hibbert G (In press) onedotzero, ICA London, 2004.

  • Hibbert G (In press) Lancaster Film Festival, 2004.

  • Hibbert G (In press) Second Life 4th Birthday Art Exhibition, 2007.

  • Hibbert G (In press) Intermix, Evolution, Leeds Film Festival.

  • Hibbert G (2017) Zen and the Art of Immutable Comments. In: Digitally Engaged Learning Conference, London, 14 September 2017 - 15 September 2017, London.

  • Hibbert G; Truelove I (2015) Making It up as You Go Along: The Iterative Aglie Development of an Online Journaling Tool. In: Designs on eLearning, 16 September 2015 - 17 September 2015, London.

  • Hibbert G (2013) CAGD – An In-house Developed eLearning System: What It Is, How It Was Made, and Where It’s Going. In: eAssessment Scotland, 20 August 2013 - 23 August 2013, Dundee.

  • Truelove I; Hibbert G (2012) CAGD: An Integrated E-portfolio, Social-networking, Course-management and Communications Platform. In: Designs on E-learning Conference, September 2012., 5 September 2012 - 7 September 2012, University of the Arts, London..

  • Hibbert G (2009) Student Media Conference, Lancaster University. Connecting with other peoples services.

  • Truelove I; Hibbert G (2008) How to walk before you know your name - Pre Second Life scaffolding for Noobs. In: ReLIVE08 Conference, November 2008., 1 November 2008, Open University, Milton Keynes..

  • Hibbert G (2008) “MUVEs for the 21st Century”.

  • Hibbert G (In press) Burning Life, Second Life

  • Hibbert G (In press) CAGD

  • Hibbert G (In press) Emerge Sim build and facilitation, Second Life 2007

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  • Hibbert G (In press) LeedsMet Sim build and support, Second Life 2006-07

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  • Hibbert G (In press) Relay for Life, Second Life 2007

  • Hibbert G (In press) The CAGD Feedback Journal – How a Series of Incremental User Requests Led Us to Build a Reflective Assessment Tool for a Thousand of our Students

  • Hibbert G (2012) H Building.

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