Jo Hassall, Senior Lecturer

Jo Hassall

Senior Lecturer

Jo Hassall is a Senior Lecturer in Graphic Arts and Design. Her practice-based research explores ways in which visual props can activate sites of learning.

With an established background in illustration and collage processes – current areas of work extend these methods within an educational context to explore and illuminate processes of study. The focus of her PhD was around the notion of the bricoleuse as hostess of the learning space, integrating bricolage and feminist pedagogic approaches to trigger playful and accessible space for critical enquiry, design thinking and making.

Research Interests

Jo is a member of feminist art collective, F=. Working collaboratively and with students and wider communities in the design and delivery of public events, using spectacle and humour to query, disrupt and explore mechanisms for social and political engagement and change making. This model of practice has helped shape both the curriculum and the student experience and community participation at a local level and nationally and internationally across art and design, feminist practices and educational fields of practice.

Collaborative and individual research projects and outcomes include conference papers, workshops, performance lectures, journal articles and co-design and delivery of graduate summer school, The Exploding University, forged through cross-university partnerships to explore the potential of collaborative learning space for socially engaged design.

Jo Hassall, Senior Lecturer

Selected Outputs

  • Hassall J (In press) Pigdogandmonkeyfestos.

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  • Hassall J (2017) #DEAP17. In: #DEAP17, 1 July 2017, Leed Beckett University.

  • Hassall J (2017) Speak, body: Art, the Reproduction of Capital and the Reproduction of Life. 1 April 2017, Faculty of Arts Humanities and Cultural Studies, University of Leeds.

  • Hassall J (2015) Off Her Hostess-Trolley: Telling it a Different Way.

  • Hassall J (In press) F=.

  • Hassall J (In press) Robinson Stirling.

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  • Hassall J (2016) Learning Through Visual Props.

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