Kingsley Ahenkora-Duodu, Lecturer

Kingsley Ahenkora-Duodu


Kingsley is a PhD researcher in Physics and Astronomy with a deep passion in teaching Mathematics and he is a space science enthusiast with an interest in outreach, computation and data science.

Kingsley has a background in mathematics, medical physics, radiation protection and astronomy. My research areas involves hydrodynamics simulations and modelling, telescope operation/observations, big data and machine learning.

Current Teaching

  • Mathematics

Research Interests

Kingsley is currently doing his research on the early stages of massive star formation. He uses computer simulations to model the early stages of massive star formation particularly the dynamics of ultra-compact ionised hydrogen regions. He employs analytical and numerical approach to module the environment of massive stars which are obstructed by dust emission at their early stages of formation and compare with telescope observations to have a complete statistical information on massive star formation to the science community.

Kingsley Ahenkora-Duodu, Lecturer