Professor Antony Bryant, Professor

Professor Antony Bryant


Tony's research includes investigation of the ways in which the open source model might be used more widely, and in particular how it can be developed as a contributory feature for the re-constructed financial sector in the wake of the economic melt-down; coining the term Mutuality 2.0 and developing the concept in various contexts.

He has written extensively on research methods, being Senior Editor of The SAGE Handbook of Grounded Theory (SAGE, 2007) – co-edited with Kathy Charmaz. A new, companion edition is currently in the early stages of preparation.

Tony has developed and taught a wide range of post-graduate courses in The Netherlands, South Africa, Malaysia, and China. He has supervised over 40 doctoral students, many of whom have used Grounded Theory in their research. His book Grounded Theory and Grounded Theorizing is due to be published in 2016 by Oxford University Press.

Other recent publications include ‘The Grounded Theory Method’ in The Oxford Handbook of Qualitative Research Methods, P Leavy (Ed), Oxford 2014; A Bryant & U Raja ‘In the Realm of Big Data’, First Monday, February 2014; A Bryant, A Black, F Land, J Porra (eds.), Special Issues of Journal of Information Technology – ‘Information Systems History’ 2013(28) & 2013 (29)

Current Teaching

Several core modules for the School's Masters Programme - including:

  • Managing Information in the Digital and Global Environment [MIDGE]
  • Critical Perspectives on Information
  • Systems, Design, Innovation'
Professor Antony Bryant, Professor

Selected Outputs

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