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Professor Jeffrey Gold

About Professor Jeffrey Gold

Jeff Gold is Professor of  Organisation Learning at Leeds Business School. He is a strong advocate of the need for actionable knowledge that is rigorously developed but relevant for practice.

He has designed and delivered a wide range of seminars, programmes and workshops on culture shift, talent management and development, change, strategic learning, futures and foresight, management and leadership development with a particular emphasis on participation and distribution. 

He has worked closely with organisations such as Skipton Building Society, Hallmark Cards, the NHS, the Police Service, Leeds Bradford Boiler Company, Lights4Fun and a host of others. 

His current interests concern strategy development and effective implementation that includes a futures learning process. In addition he is interested in collaboration within and between organisations on the future of work relating to artificial intelligence, machine learning and the internet of things.

Current Teaching

Jeff Gold is the Director of the DBA programme and teaches methodology for DBA research projects.

Research Interests

Recent and current research projects reflect Jeff's interests and approach. He employs action approaches such as appreciative inquiry and action learning to shift culture in West Yorkshire Police; action research to reduce poverty in the Leeds City Region for Joseph Rowntree; and action research and action learning for implementing predictive analytics in West Yorkshire Police.

Selected Publications

Journal articles (37)

Books (6)

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Chapters (7)

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Conference contributions (8)

  • Gold J (In press) SMEs and local economic regeneration . Leeds Metropolitan University:
  • Gold J (2011) Wicked issues in HRD Cheltenham, UK 25/05/2011.
  • Gold J (2011) Theorising and practitioners in HRD: the role of abductive reasoning Chicago, USA 01/02/2011.
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  • Rodgers H; Frearson M; Holden R; Gold J (2005) Equality, Diversity and Leadership Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds, UK 25/05/2005.

Conference proceedings (4)

  • Claxton JC; Gold J (2008) Relevant and Timely Learning for Busy Leaders. In: International Action Learning Conference Henley Management College, UK 24/03/2008 00:00:00. : , pp. .
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Lectures (1)

  • Gold J (2011) The Leader's Conundrum or "You cannot lift yourself up by your own shirt collar, can you?" (Inaugural Lecture)
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