Professor John Lyle, Professor

Professor John Lyle


John is Professor of Sport Coaching in the School of Sport, and prior to that Dean of the School of Psychology and Sport Sciences at Northumbria University; enjoying lengthy career in HE, first in PE and thereafter in sport coaching.

John established the first professional diploma in sport coaching and the first Masters degree in coaching studies in the UK. He has played a significant role in the development of sport coaching as an academic field of study, having published widely, and is the author of four influential textbooks, including Sport Coaching Concepts (Routledge, 2002/2017).

John's academic experience is complemented by a considerable personal experience as a coach, involvement in the determination of sport coaching policy in the UK, and engagement in the delivery of high performance coach education and development. He has coached and played volleyball at international level, including the European club championships, European Championships, and World University Games. He was also a professional soccer player.

Research Interests

John has an eclectic interest in the furtherance of research on sport coaching. In particular this is centred on the cognitive organisation that enables coaches to make decisions in time-pressured situations, and on modelling the operationalisation of coaching practice and its labelling as expertise. Much of his work focuses on the development of a conceptual framework with which to scaffold education, development, and research in sport coaching. This work has underpinned the more general use of these concepts in professionalisation, recognising the place of domains in coaching, and the concept of sport coaching as a family term for a myriad number of coaching roles. The conceptual framework has acted as a reference point for academic writing and research more widely, and has made a substantial contribution to the academic study of sport coaching.

Current interest is focused on the applicability and transferability of research on coaching.

Professor John Lyle, Professor

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