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Rachel Linfield

About Rachel Linfield

Rachel Linfield has worked in education for over thirty years, teaching throughout the 3 - 11 age range and in higher education at both the University of Cambridge and Leeds Beckett University.

As a Senior Lecturer at Leeds Beckett University, Rachel teaches science, design and technology, and knowledge and understanding of the EYFS curriculum and pedagogy for undergraduate and postgraduate early years and primary courses. She supports students on school placements and supervises students for final year dissertations.

In 1994 Rachel gained an MA in Applied Research in Education from the University of East Anglia and she continues to enjoy carrying out educational research. She has over 100 publications including: professional materials for early years and primary teachers; chapters in academic books; and, articles within peer reviewed journals. She was a member of the editorial board for ‘Primary Science Review’ (Association for Science Education) for six years, four as the assistant editor.

Current Teaching

  • Knowledge building in Science and PE
  • Understanding the EYFS: Curriculum and Pedagogy
  • Core Subjects at KS1
  • Foundation Subjects at KS1: DT
  • Applied Pedagogy 1: Understanding the World

Research Interests

Recent research has included collaborative projects investigating the way final year students respond to NSS statements and an investigation of students’ desires for ‘useful feedback’.

Selected Publications

Journal articles (6)

  • Linfield RS (2016), Reflecting on teaching of the 'appliance of science
    View Repository Record
  • Sutcliffe RE; Linfield R; Geldart RA (2014), Student Surveys - 'You Don't Think About The Good Things'
    View Repository Record
  • Sutcliffe R; Linfield RS; Geldart R (2012), Reflections on the impact on data collection and analysis when 'insiders' carry out research into teacher education
  • Linfield R (2007), Bringing Imagination back to Science
  • Warwick P; Linfield RS (1999), A comparison of primary school pupils' ability to express procedural understanding in science through speech and through writing
  • Linfield RS (1994), Straw Assessment

Books (1)

  • Linfield RS; Warwick P (2002) Science 3-13 The Past, The Present and Possible Futures. . Routledge.

Chapters (3)

  • Linfield RS (2013) Understanding the World: When did they paint the trees green?. In: Linfield RS The New Early Years Foundation Stage: Changes, Challenges and Reflections. : Open University Press, pp. .
  • Linfield RS; Warwick P; Parker C (2008) 'I'm putting crosses for the letters I don't know': Assessment in the early years. In: Linfield RS; Warwick P; Parker C Teaching and Learning in the Early Years: Third Edition. : , pp. 89-108.
  • Linfield RS; Warwick P (1998) Language for Science. In: Linfield RS; Warwick P Use of Language across the Primary Curriculum. London: Routledge, pp. .

Conference contributions (2)

  • Sutcliffe R; Linfield R; Geldart RA (2015) Overcoming Assessment Challenges - Tipping the Balance Birmingham 20150624. : .
    View Repository Record
  • Sutcliffe R; Linfield RS; Geldart R (2014) The National Student Survey - thinking about the 'good things'? King's College London . : .
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