Tara Fox, Senior Lecturer

Tara Fox

Senior Lecturer

Tara Fox – Lecturer in Psychological Therapies and Mental Health
Tara Fox is an experienced educator/counsellor. She has worked in education since 1999 delivering counselling training and personal development courses in the community as well as FE and HE environments. In 2007 she became a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (now Academy HE). Her private counselling practice focuses on relationships, young people and adoption

Tara’s background helps her to facilitate student self - awareness, growth & achievement on the counselling training courses we offer. Delivering the right balance of support and challenge she has significant experience of running personal development groups on the professional diploma courses in counselling and psychotherapy. She has a special interest in spirituality, mindfulness and resilience.

Current Teaching

Tara teaches across Certificate, BSc (Hons) & Diploma/Post Graduate professional counselling and psychotherapy courses. She champions resilience training offering a 12 week voluntary programme to the counselling and mental health students.

Research Interests

Spirituality, mindfulness & resilience. She has a special interest in spirituality, is a member of the BACP Spirituality Division and the British Association of the Study of Spirituality (BASS). Her recent research into spirituality in counselling and psychotherapy focused on the therapist’ awareness of their spirituality in the counselling room. Since this thesis Tara has created more space for spirituality in core counselling training and advocates spirituality in mental health recovery. Her Mindfulness and Self Compassion training have inspired Tara to write about these topics in relation to counselling training. Current research focuses on students experience of a voluntary 12 week resilience training programme.
Tara Fox, Senior Lecturer

Ask Me About

  1. Spirituality
  2. Mindfulness

Selected Outputs

  • Fox T; Godward J (2019) Identity and the counselling relationship:Who do you think you are?. In: Personal Development Groups for Trainee Counsellors: An Essential Companion.. Oxon: Routledge, pp. 115-127.

  • Fox T (2019) Mindfulness and Self Compassion. In: Personal Development Groups for Trainee Counsellors: An essential companion. Oxon: Routledge, pp. 159-170.

  • Fox T (2019) Therapists’ experience of spirituality in the therapeutic relationship: a thematic analysis. In: BACP Research Conference: ‘Shaping counselling practice and policy: the next 25 years’., 17 May 2019 - 18 May 2019, Belfast.

  • Fox T; Fletcher V (2021) An Interpretative Phenomenological analysis of a pilot resilience programme in educational support for first year mental health degree students. In: BACP Research Conference- Promoting Collaboration in Research, Policy and Practice, 15 May 2021, Online.