The best takeaways in leeds

There's lots of great student takeaways in Leeds - but which are the best?

Did you know that there are well over 300 restaurants in Leeds? In the age of Deliveroo, JustEat and UberEats, many of them offer takeout. With all that variety, there’s no reason to expect anything but the best when you’re having a chilled evening in and don’t fancy cooking. Luckily, the food in Leeds is amazing – here are some of our best takeaway picks.

1. Nawaab Khan

Nawaab Khan is easily one of the best Indian restaurants we have here in Leeds. They have seafood, chicken and vegetarian dishes available, and all of the staples you’d expect. You might need a couple of you to meet the minimum delivery charge, but it’s well worth it. Order those poppadoms, get the flat together and have a great night in!

2. Chopsticks

The stir-fry is the holy grail of student meals, right up there with pasta and pot noodles. It’s easy to make, it’s cheap, and it’s nutritious. But what about when you fancy a Chinese meal but don’t feel like cooking? Chopsticks have you covered! Salt & pepper chips, sweet & sour chicken, and roast duck are some of the favourite meals here, all at an affordable price which they will deliver to your door. Lazy night in anyone?

3. El Faro

Tucked away in Burley, El Faro excels at taking those takeout classics, and just doing them really well. If you order from within the restaurant, you can see them prepare your pizza before your eyes! More of a kebab fan? They’ve got you covered. They also offer burgers, chicken, chips and even some dessert bites, making this a great all-rounder.

Top tip: Want to save on processing fees? Order using the El Faro app or use their website to save.


4. I Am Doner

Everyone loves a kebab after a big night out, but what about a kebab for a fancy evening meal? I Am Doner, which has a takeaway shop near both of our campuses, is all about creating a new kind of kebab. They want to be more than a guilty pleasure, with their tagline ‘No More Dirty Doner'. They’re also 100% plastic free with their packaging! So next time you want some flavoursome doner or want to try something new like a halloumi kebab, this is the place for you. 

5. The Fisherman’s Wife

This chip shop is a traditional English favourite, located next to Kirkgate Market, the largest covered market in England. Head down here before 4pm and you can grab that fresh produce you need, then treat yourself to some fish and chips to boot. They’re now also open later on Fridays, which makes for a pretty awesome way to end your week. The only question to be asked – salt and vinegar?

6. Mylahore

This British Asian fusion restaurant offers a menu which spans continents and tantalises taste buds. They proudly offer many traditional curries, dabble in the odd Italian dish, and have a great selection of foods fresh from their flaming grill. The selection doesn’t end there, as they also offer hot drinks, milkshakes and mock-tails, to quench your thirst.

Top tip: Mylahore Leeds is actually right next to our Marsden House/Leeds Student Village accommodations, so pop in for collection and save yourself those delivery fees!

7. Ichi Sushi

If you’re looking for a slightly healthier takeaway alternative, then look no further than Ichi Sushi. They have gyozas, futomaki, urimaki, and even offer Japanese curries and sushi platters! And if after all of that you’re still hungry, there’s always the green tea cheesecake. Ichi Sushi pride themselves on high-quality ingredients and fast delivery, making your hunger a thing of the past.

8. My Cookie Dough

Last but not least is something a bit different, and a must-try for all of you with a sweet tooth. My Cookie Dough is a cookie dough stand in Trinity Shopping Centre, but they also do takeaway and delivery. Whilst they offer boxes for you to bake yourself, we’d recommend the fresh cookie dough boxes which come warm (or cold, should you choose an ice cream). Whatever you order, it’ll look great on your Instagram, and taste even better!

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