Molly's Story

Short blonde haired woman outside looking to camera

Molly BSc (Hons) Music Technology

My favourite thing about Leeds Beckett

My favourite thing about Leeds Beckett is how friendly everybody is. At first glance, people may seem like intimidating third years, but honestly, everybody is more than happy to help you with anything if you just ask.

What I'm most proud of

I’m most proud of how outgoing I’ve become since studying here at Leeds Beckett. For example, a meeting like this to generate this profile, would previously have left me so nervous. I probably would have cancelled it at one time. Now though, I’m way more confident. I take every opportunity that I can, and there are so many opportunities for us students here at Leeds Beckett.

Why I chose Leeds Beckett

I chose Leeds Beckett because of Headingley campus. When I visited the Open Day I thought it was so lovely and the atmosphere felt so nice. What also struck me was how the course team (I study Music Technology) treated us like we were already their peers, rather than children who were visiting for an Open Day.