Art for art's sake?

"I’m interested in how each generation of artists shifts and changes what art is. Art comes from the culture and society of today. Our students are cultural experts. My job is to help them recognise this and make use of that knowledge.

“As an artist engaged in performance, my work is not defined by materials but by actions. I want my audiences and students to examine their connection and interest in their own culture, as well as the cultures of others, particularly where that culture is found in everyday experiences and expressions. What they are watching, posting, playing, reading and listening to is potentially art. A performance via Instagram is as valid an exploration of culture as a sculpture or a painting.

“Fine art gives you a great deal of freedom, but that degree of independence takes discipline and motivation. The New York Times has described studying art as akin to studying a new business course. Fine art students study every creative and entrepreneurial process: research, development, production, presentation, evaluation and marketing.

“Every student artist follows this process. For me, it’s about a way of thinking and looking at the world. It's pure creative making and thinking! Equipped with this, they can and do anything and everything."

Encouraging individuality, inspiring creativity and creating impact

Leeds School of Arts

Arts at Leeds Beckett University is an inspired laboratory where ideas are piloted, risks are taken and equal emphasis is placed on the navigation of nourishing creative journeys and the realisation of formidable artworks.

Abstract image of the outside of Broadcasting Place looking upwards at building B
Group of dancers in a circle