UCas extra - late applications

There's still time

If you miss the UCAS deadline for applying, don't worry, there's still time. Likewise, if you have applied and hold no offers, there will be another opportunity to apply to Leeds Beckett through UCAS Extra.

Late applications

We still accept applications for many courses after 15 January and up to 30 June (applications made after 30 June will automatically be entered into Clearing). If you are considering applying for any of our courses we recommend that you contact our Student Admissions team (admissionsenquiries@leedsbeckett.ac.uk) to check whether we are able still to consider you before you apply, as some courses may become full. These are classified as late applications and it is the route you should follow if you have not previously applied through UCAS.

Remember though, if you are applying for part-time study you need to apply direct to the university and not through UCAS. For all applications you will need our institution code which is: L27.

Flick through the slides below to find out useful facts about UCAS extra:

  1. What is UCAS Extra?

    UCAS Extra is available to applicants who have already applied through UCAS and have used all five choices and are not holding any offers. Extra enables you to apply for another course.

    Tip: If Extra is available to you, it'll show up as a button when you log in to your UCAS Track account.

  2. When does UCAS Extra run?

    UCAS Extra runs between 25 February and 30 June.

  3. How do I search for a course?

    Search for courses with places available in Extra. Not all courses will be open in UCAS Extra as some may already be full.

    Tip: Opt in to UCAS Media mailings to get emails from universities and colleges with vacancies.

  4. Check with your university

    Contact the university to check they are able to consider you before you apply.

    Tip: If the exact course you want isn’t available, think about related subjects that might interest you.

  5. How many courses can I apply for?

    You can only apply for one course at a time. There are no insurance choices in Extra so if you receive an offer through Extra you must either accept it as your firm choice or decline it. If you decline the offer you’ll be able to add another Extra choice providing there’s still time and availability.

  6. Can I change my mind?

    If you change your mind and wish to decline an offer or you don't get a decision from the university within 21 days, you can add a different choice.

    Tip: It might take universities and colleges longer than 21 days to reply – universities and colleges have until mid-July to make their final decisions – it's up to you whether to wait or replace them with a different Extra choice.

  7. What happens next?

    If you're offered the place you want, you just need to accept it in your Track account. You'll then be committed to that course, so you can't apply to any more in Extra.

    Tip: Make sure you reply by the date shown in Track. If you do not do this your offer will automatically be declined.

After you apply

Now you’ve completed your application. What’s next? We’ve compiled a handy list of the key stages in the application process for you, including attending your Applicant Day, applying for accommodation and financing your studies.

Application process

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