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Drawing a bold circle!

Recently a curator from the Henry Moore Institute was able to use some of the Leeds School of Art Collection for her research.

While it is gratifying that our collections are gradually being recognised as a useful resource, there is a bitter-sweet aspect. My conversation with the curator about Leeds School of Art and its many and varied history and guises, made me realise how little material has actually survived or at least has been brought to our attention.

Some weeks ago the Leeds College of Art and Design raised the possibility of me looking over their own historical material which relates directly to our holdings. While it is important that an institution maintains intellectual and physical control over its own archival materials. It would seem a positive and beneficial step to compare, contrast and scrutinise our holdings alongside  those of like-minded institutions and potential partners. By drawing our circle boldly and widely we allow the possibilities of a greater perspective to enhance the understanding of our own holdings.

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