1. Don’t leave it too late to start

It’s easy to avoid the stack of revision or the dreaded assignment waiting to be started. Beginning a big project is often the hardest part but we’re sure your future self would thank you for making a start now.

Even something as simple as heading to the Library to work can help get you in right the frame of mind. Book in some planning sessions with your coursemates to talk about the work you have to do and how you’re going to approach it.

2. Plan your way to success

One way to help with the seemingly endless mountain of work to get through is to plan it in advance. Break each assignment or topic down into manageable chunks and decide when you’re going to cover them. It’s important to take plan breaks where you can relax safe in the knowledge it’s all in hand.

Organising your revision notes and computer files also makes it so much easier to work through and helps save you time. You can even divide them up into folders on each topic so you can see how much there is to work through.

Set yourself deadlines that give you plenty of time to catch up if you need to. Try to get your assignments in a few days before they’re due. You won’t get any more marks for it but you will feel a lot more relieved!

3. Feed your brain

We’ve felt the call of the pub during many a revision session – sadly, a pint and a greasy burger isn’t the magic combo that’ll lead you straight to academic success! Fruit, vegetables and fish are more likely to give your brain the boost it needs so seek them out where possible.

Cooking for yourself can also be an incredibly rewarding and relaxing (for some!) activity during exam periods as well as being a great way to control the quality of food you’re eating.

4. Give yourself time to rest and recover

It can be tempting to just work from dawn till dusk, especially if you have a lot to catch up on. You can usually manage this for a day or two but after that you’ll burn out pretty fast. That’s why it’s important to plan in times where you’re just going to stop and relax.

Find time for something you really enjoy – head into town and treat yourself or get out of the city into the countryside. Get some friends together for a film night or a trip to the pub – we’re sure they’ll be ready for it too.

5. Don’t suffer in silence

If you’re stressed and stuck then don’t just struggle through. Your personal tutors are there to give advice but also your parents and fellow students will can get alongside you. Arrange a revision session with someone from your course and get your heads together.

Many students will head home if they’re finding it hard to focus so consider taking a few days out. Not having to think about laundry and meals is another big bonus.

Lastly, our Residential Officers are always on hand for a chat. They have all experienced life as students so they understand the pressures of university life and have an expert knowledge of the support services available. Click here to find out more about ROs.

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09 Nov 2021
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